Making Money in the Music Industry 

Lesson 1 - FREE


Thank you for making a step in the right direction. We offer this FREE first lesson to show you that we have practical methods to improve your situation in the music industry. 


The Internet is covered with information FREE and ready to use. YES, there are a lot of scams trying to get your money to accelerate your development but the real question is do they ? The main thing to remember is that you can waste your time taking in all this information when really you just need to do some work on your own outcomes to succeed. 


So let us start with this great example of good information for FREE -  - This is an outline of Jobs in the Music Industry 





























This Diagram is a great start as it helps you identify where YOU fit in. It's important to know where YOU fit in the Music Industry ad what allows to YOU function witIndustryNdustry. For example Performing Artists have many factors to make their existence a reality examples such as Management, Travel Expenses, Booking Agents etc. etc. are all needed to make the Performing Artists operate. Take one of these factors out of the equation and the system will break. 


This does not mean there are different ways of doing things. The internet has proven that many times over, but it does mean we have to consider all aspects of the industry to become successful.


Keeping a Diary or Journal of your work is essential to track your progress. This can be done with an exercise book, it does not have to be something expensive and glossy. 


Please take the time to write these following questions down in your book.  We have some example answers below if needed.


1 . What is Your Goal - where do you fit in the Music Industry?


2. Snapshot your current situation - List what you currently have to contribute to your answer in Question 1. 


3. What do you think need to achieve your goal? Start making a list of all the possible things you can do 


4. Setup a time line to achieve your goal


5. At what time will you reassess your time line? This means how regularly are you going to check on yourself that you are not slacking off. Also, its good to keep an eye on what is working as we mentioned earlier sometimes you can research something to the point that you are not getting any closer to your goal. You have to start using the knowledge you have accumulated from your research. 


Once you have answered these 5 Questions and you have been honest with yourself you now have some work to do ! 


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Example Answers For QUESTION 1 

            a) Pop Star and Famous

            b) Sound Engineer for visiting bands

            c) Songwriter


Example Answers for QUESTION 2

                a) I can sing and dance. I know a lot of people in the Music Industry. I have studied singing for 3 years. 

                b) I know how to us an Ipod , I just know I like hearing music and I would love to make a band sound good

                c)  I have written heaps of songs now what do I do ? 


Example Answers for Question 3

                 a) Do I need some guidance as to the next step? I need to put everything I know together - maybe I need a manager. Do I need to speak with my past tutors                

                 for their advice? Maybe I need to talk to other people in the industry for more ideas? 

                 b) Do I need to do a course? Maybe I should ask some musician friends I know that could give me some ideas? Should I visit a music store and speak with                                      the people there? 

                  c) Look up on the internet and see what other people have done with their songs. Do I want to perform these songs? where would I perform them ? does                      

                  anyone think they are good songs, should I play them to someone? 


Example Answers for Question 4

                  a) I will make a list of people to go and see over the next month. I will make a list of all my achievements like a resume 

                    b) I will make a list of people to go and see over the next week. I will research what it takes to be s sound engineer using the internet. 

                  c) I will make sure everything is ordered and organised. My songs are all in bits and pieces I need to catalogue them. I will organise a performance of 3 of my                                   songs at an up and coming family function. I will talk with one of my friends who knows someone who performs regularly


Examples of Answers for Question 5

                  a) Every week, let's say Monday Morning I will check on my progress and update what I need to do next.        

                  b) This is hard work, maybe I'll keep listening to music instead, OH what do I do, maybe I'll enrol in that course ?????? I need to make some decisions. 

                  c) I am going to sit down and work out some monthly goals and review every month.