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Music can be for fun or for your future or both. It is important you always talk with your tutor and set goals as much as possible. We encourage all our students to learn how to read music, which will open the door to many more options for their future in music. 
Once a student has reached a certain level the tutor will offer different options or pathways that will be available to the student. One of the pathways are Credited Exams. These exams are recognised by institions all around the world, as they are conducted by two major bodies in the Australian Music Industry. 
Australian and New Zealand Cultural  offers so many levels of musicianship for many instruments including vocals. We prefer Anzca for the contempary collection available to students giving them options that sometimes suits their style more.  We also like the fact that ANZCA will most of the time do the exams on our premsis saving students travelling to other locations. Check out their website for all the details. 
Australian Music Education Board another great organisation for doing exams with. Offering more a tradition and classical platform, they are very highly regarded in Australia and around the world. Click on the link above to go to their website for more information. 
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Options for a Musical Life 


Love to listen to Music


Learn to Play an instrument


Then play the music you love to listen to


                           PLAY Music for Fun                  OR                  Advance ability to have a career


Have a Jam with Freinds                                            Learn more theory


             Form a Band                                                        Start Sitting Exams 


              Write Music                                                             Write Music          


  Peform and Sell your Music                                        Start Tutoring 


                                                                                            Sell Your Music 


                                                                                                      Look for a career in Music 



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